Fullscreen Loading Modal / Indicator Plugin For jQuery – loadingModal

loadingModal is a simple yet customizable jQuery loading indicator plugin which displays a fullscreen loading modal / overlay with more than 10 CSS3 powered loading spinners. Ideal for creating an use-friendly ‘busy’ loading screen over a specific element that is typically being called via AJAX requests.

Loading spinners included:

  • rotatingPlane
  • wave
  • wanderingCubes
  • spinner
  • chasingDots
  • threeBounce
  • circle
  • cubeGrid
  • fadingCircle
  • foldingCube

How to use it:

1. Put the main style sheet jquery.loadingModal.css in the header of the html page.

2. Put the jQuery library and the JavaScript file jquery.loadingModal.js at the end of the document.

3. Call the function on the target container where you want to display a fullscreen modal with default loading spinner and custom text message.

4. Here are full options with default values to config the fullscreen loading modal.

5. Public methods.

 Demo / Download